Need to boost your sales, differentiate yourself or

to access international markets ?

Migal Marketing supports you in all your Marketing and Communication projects !

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Expand your notoriety and enhance your image


MIGAL sets up your marketing and communication plans

Experience, consulting and marketing tools

Marketing expert for over 30 years, MIGAL operates with industrial companies of various sizes, ranging from very small to large international group.

MIGAL offers all the marketing tools to :

  • Understand your market and determine their evolution
  • Analyze your place in a competitive environment
  • Develop strategies tailored according to your resources
  • Develop marketing plans, communication and commercial activity to differentiate you from your competitors
  • Gaining market share

MIGAL supports you in all your actions marketing, strategic analysis with operational actions in France and internationally.

Strategic consulting

An effective plan?
After an audit of your Company and its markets, MIGAL develops an effective strategy and brings you solutions to meet your goals.

Project management

Events ? New product ?
New product launching, preparation of a stand in an exhibition abroad, design and implementation of a customer magazine… MIGAL sets up an action plan.

Outsourced Marketing

Get a part-time expert
MIGAL performs, in part-time, all of your communication and marketing actions.

Team building

Do you need support?
MIGAL strengthens your team to improve its performance and achieve better results.

MIGAL, the expert in industrial marketing consulting !